in and around Chamonix

Extend the summer by joining us for this late summer week of riding amazing single trails in the Chamonix valley, Italy and Switzerland.

6 days of guided riding

100% natural trails

25,000 meters descent

Sep 1-8th 2019

Together with Chamonix MTB and Wayne Coates, we are arranging an enduro week in and around the Chamonix valley. September is a great time for riding in Chamonix as all of the hiking trails are open for mountain biking, while the weather is usually still very good with summer temperatures. Throughout the week, we will explore the trails in the Chamonix valley and neighboring Italy and Switzerland. Close to 100% of the trails are natural trails, where some are old hiking trails and some are freshly built. We will use the extensive lift network in the valley or shuttle with vans to maximize the number of descents, but on some days we will also do some pedaling to reach a few of the nicest trails.

We'll start the week on the flowing single track of the Chamonix Valley, where you’ll have the chance to get your eye in and enjoy some of the best scenery the Alps has to offer. Over the six days you’ll ride in the shadow of Mont Blanc, exploring limitless trails that will see us cross from France into Italy and Switzerland. We dare you to try to stop grinning as you descend on some the sweetest single track on offer! During the week, we will head into some remote areas, which will involve some steep and technical riding. Typically we can descend in excess of 25,000 meters in a week, while some rides will require riders to be ‘all in’ there will be plenty of options to tap out for a break and scale back if you want to take a day to chill. After a few days of riding, we have planned for a day off the bike, but you do have the choice to ride on your own also this day. There is a lot to do in and around Chamonix other than riding, so we promise you won’t be bored.

Plan for the week*

2019-09-01 (Sunday)

Arrival in Chamonix and Chalet Annabelle
Introduction to the week

2019-09-02 (Monday)

First day of riding in Chamonix

2019-09-03 (Tuesday)

Riding in Chamonix

2019-09-04 (Wednesday)

Riding in Switzerland

2019-09-05 (Thursday)

Rest day. If you don’t feel like taking a day off from the bike, you will have the chance to do some riding on your own this day.

2019-09-06 (Friday)

Riding in Italy

2019-09-07 (Saturday)

Riding in Chamonix

2019-09-08 (Sunday)

Departure (a late flight/departure will give you the possibility to ride on your own this day)

*  This is a preliminary plan which might change due to weather, wishes of the group etc.

What is included?

The price for the week is 1095 EUR, which includes pretty much everything but flights to Geneva and lift passes.


Not included

What do I need to bring?

Recommended equipment

If you are not bringing your own bike, high quality bikes from Giant (Reign) or Santa Cruz (Bronson or Hightower LT) are available to rent.

Level of riding?

This week is aimed towards you who has good to intermediate skills on the bike. There is no need to be fast, but you are comfortable riding red bike park trails.

If you are unsure about your level, just contact us and we can help you find out if this week is for you!

About us

About Chamonix MTB

Wayne, who will be the main guide throughout the week, is the holder of a French Carte Pro VTT (the only British Mountain Bike Guide in the Chamonix Valley to have this), as well as being a British Cycling Qualified MTB Ride Leader. With over 15 years of riding experience in and around the Chamonix Valley he is looking forward to showing you some of his favourite trails.

About Chalet Annabelle

You will stay at Chalet Annabelle, which is run by the Swedish couple Lisa and Martin. They will cook and serve you amazing food which will give you plenty of energy for the days on the bike. You will be staying in twin rooms which all have private bathrooms. There is an outdoor hot tub on the terrace which is a great place to relax after a day of riding. There is also a well equipped bike workshop, washing station and secure storage for bikes.

We are proud to have an average rating of 5.0 on Tripadvisor. Check out what other guests have thought about their stay.

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